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As with many Start ups, the company started with a small footprint to serve niche regional needs promoting technology development and applications in Industrial Electronics for various industrial and service sectors covering Power Electronics, Intelligent Transportation System, Automation System for process industries, Agri Electronics, Electronics Personal Safety Devices and Systems for person in distress etc.

We are committed to continuous innovation through research and product development to create and deliver products that enable our customers to improve the performance and value of their products. In addition to providing superior products, we support our customers with sophisticated applications engineering services and responsive field support.

Our services are differentiated by the engineering expertise we bring to each of the services we provide.

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We are determined to add value in all that we do - in the best way possible and to the best of our ability. We are determined and energized to achieve our shared vision, mission and strategic objectives together.

Embedded Systems, % 95
Software, % 85
Power Electronics, % 75
Mobile Apps, % 80

Our Services

Research & Development

in-house innovations, led by a team of top engineers, product designers and technical experts, and outsourced projects from another organization/client on a specific requirement.

Maker Lab

Our 24/7 maker lab for digital fabrication and rapid prototyping with traditional tools, enables you to give form to your ideas.


We develop amazing software to go with our projects, be it Embedded systems, web-services or Companion mobile apps

Academic Projects

Quality of academic projects are determinant for future forays into academia or industry. Our exceptional projects often boost one’s chances in the requirement process or interviews.

Project Assistance

Get a chance to explore the real time works of the industry, share their ideas and knowledge, and seek guidance from our team of skilled mentors throughout the process of project development.

Workshops & Training

We Provide Quality Workshops and Trainings, whose course curriculum is specially designed by industry experts.


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In today’s world, It is easy to get overwhelmed with your worries about your child's safety in about almost everything. TOTO’s Mission is to help out both parents and School Administrations who are concerned about the transportation safety of school children with respect to their journey in the school buses with our bus tracking application which provides unparalleled insight on all aspects from speed to punctuality, the bus remains under constant, real-time observation both live and historically.

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